Riders Demand: 100% Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses Review

hypercraft cycling sunglasses

100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses offer a compelling combination of innovative design, user-friendly features, and exceptional performance.

Combining angular shapes and a featherweight form, the 100% Hypercraft sunglasses are designed to impress. What sets them apart is their remarkable fit and unbelievably low weight.

Once you put them on, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Thanks to their well-ventilated design, you can say goodbye to foggy lenses and hello to clear, uninterrupted views. Crafted with the innovative UltraCarbon material, a blend of nylon and carbon, these frames offer exceptional strength and durability.

Want to conquer the road with style and functionality? This one’s the go-to choice. After reading our complete review, you’ll know why it’s a great choice.

Key features at a glance

Let’s have a look at the key features of these multisport glasses:

ModelCycling Sunglasses
Frame MaterialLightweight and durable composite material
Lens MaterialHigh-quality polycarbonate with UV protection
Lens TypeInterchangeable lenses for various lighting conditions
Lens Colors1. Smoke Gray: Ideal for bright, sunny days
2. Clear: Suitable for low-light or night rides
3. Yellow: Enhances contrast and visibility in overcast or foggy conditions
Frame DesignAerodynamic and sleek design for reduced wind resistance
Ventilation SystemStrategically placed vents for enhanced airflow and reduced fogging
Nose PadsAdjustable and hypoallergenic nose pads for a comfortable fit
Temple GripsNon-slip temple grips for a secure hold
Lens CoatingAnti-scratch and hydrophobic coating to repel water, oil, and dirt
Adjustable FitAdjustable temple arms and nose pads for a customized and secure fit
Prescription ReadyCompatible with prescription lenses (requires additional lens customization)
Protection LevelProvides 100% UV protection to safeguard the eyes from harmful sun rays
Case IncludedComes with a protective carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth
WeightLightweight design for reduced strain on the face and nose
UsageDesigned specifically for cycling enthusiasts to enhance vision, comfort, and eye protection

100% Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses: A Lightweight Marvel

Lightened and large-lens road shades offer plenty of benefits. Now, let’s have a look at them in detail:

Offers Great Design Benefits

The 100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses exhibit a unique and innovative design, tailored to meet the needs of cycling enthusiasts.

Offers Great Design Benefits

The complex polygon lens shape, with lower tabs jutting above the cheekbones and triangular cutouts above and below the eyes, serves both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Despite its unconventional appearance, the lens design doesn’t obstruct the wearer’s field of vision. In fact, the lower lateral protrusions cleverly sit in the ideal position, ensuring an excellent field of view while shedding unnecessary weight.

Sculptured Design on the Sunglass Arms

The arms of the sunglasses have received equal attention, featuring sculpted and shaped designs. The front sections are hollowed-out, while the slightly wider rears incorporate grippy pads.

These user-friendly features contribute to a comfortable fit, preventing the glasses from slipping during intense rides. The frame itself is constructed using UltraCarbon, a durable nylon and carbon hybrid material.

This choice of material enhances the strength and resilience of the frames, making them capable of withstanding rigorous cycling activities.

Great Heat Management

One standout feature of the 100 Hypercraft sunglasses is their exceptional heat management. The large vents strategically placed on the frame promote optimal airflow, ensuring proper ventilation during rides.

Great Heat Management

Additionally, the lens position, which may contribute to internal reflections, also facilitates the ingress of airflow from behind. As a result, the sunglasses effectively dissipate heat, preventing discomfort and fogging commonly associated with intense physical exertion.

Surprisingly Lightweight

Weighing a mere 24 grams, these sunglasses are the epitome of lightweight design. The reduced weight not only adds to their comfort but also minimizes strain on the face and nose.

With their frameless design, the Hypercraft glasses create a sensation of weightlessness while providing ample coverage and protection.

The glasses’ three contact points—arm tips and nose pads—allow for enhanced ventilation, crucial for hot rides and extended cycling sessions.

Prioritizes Eye Protection

The 100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses prioritize eye protection, offering full UV spectrum blocking capabilities, and safeguarding against UVA and UVB rays.

Prioritizes Eye Protection

With a filter category of three, they are suitable for mountainous riding as well, providing optimal clarity and protection in various lighting conditions.

The glasses come in four different frame colors and lens options, allowing cyclists to personalize their style while benefiting from the glasses’ exceptional performance.

Comparison and Target Audience

When compared to similar products on the market, the 100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses truly stand out due to their innovative design and user-friendly features.

While other cycling sunglasses may focus solely on aesthetics or lens technology, the Hypercraft sunglasses strike a remarkable balance between functionality, comfort, and style.

Comparison and Target Audience

The target audience for these sunglasses is primarily cycling enthusiasts who prioritize performance and comfort. Cyclists seeking lightweight and well-ventilated eyewear that doesn’t compromise on protection will find the 100 Hypercraft glasses appealing.

Whether embarking on long rides, tackling challenging terrains, or engaging in competitive cycling, these sunglasses offer the ideal combination of functionality, durability, and style.

Shortcomings and Real-Life Scenarios

While the 100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses excel in many areas, it’s important to consider a few potential shortcomings. One potential drawback could be the unconventional design, which may not appeal to cyclists who prefer more traditional-looking eyewear.

Additionally, the lens position that contributes to excellent ventilation may also result in internal reflections in certain lighting conditions, affecting clarity for some users.

In real-life scenarios, the Hypercraft sunglasses may fall short in situations where extreme lighting conditions, such as intense sunlight or heavy fog, require specialized lens options. While the sunglasses offer interchangeable lenses, additional options tailored for such scenarios could enhance their versatility and performance.


Q. How do you change the lens on a 100 Hypercraft?

A. To change the lens on 100 Hypercraft Cycling Sunglasses, gently release and remove the current lens, then align and securely insert the new lens into the frame.

Final Verdict

With its versatile features, these sunglasses cater to the specific needs of cycling enthusiasts. While the unconventional design and potential for internal reflections may pose minor drawbacks, the Hypercraft sunglasses stand out among similar products in the market.

Whether tackling challenging terrains or embarking on long rides, cyclists can rely on the Hypercraft sunglasses to provide comfort, clarity, and reliable eye protection.

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